A Tower for the Transit Exhibit

January 9, 2008

By the time I got the box from Spain, I knew what I would do. I glued a set of dominoes and create this Babel Tower. The glue was perfect so the tower traveled inside of the box and cross the Atlantic without any problem. People at the exhibit were very intrigued about how the hell that tower of dominoes traveled from Saint Louis to Spain without falling apart. Thank you Home Depot.

Here is the rationale behind my installation: In the Old Testament, men tried to climb to God building a tower -Babel- that would eventually reach Heaven. God was furious and make them to speak different languages so they couldn’t get organized. Men were so confused by the fact they couldn’d understand each other, that give-up and walk away from the project. God destroyed the tower after and that’s the biblical explanation for the origin of languages. I think it is a painfully beautiful metaphor of multiculturalism.  People want to get along to achieve knowledge, but they are trapped in their own Culture. Language is just one of the visible aspects of culture, but as I said: “that’s just the tip of the iceberg”.

With the dominoes I added a sense of humor, a touch of Cuban nostalgia, and a couple of internal Cuban jokes that are impossible to translate if you don’t know the Cuban dominoes code.


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