The Transito Exhibit: The Allies

January 10, 2008

I was invited by my friend Rafael Garcia -a Cuban designer who resides in Tenerife, Spain- to participate in a collective exhibit his studio -named “La Balsa”- is organizing with the Center of Bellas Artes of Tenerife. For the purpose of the exhibit, the gallery will be declare an official Republic. The space will be renamed as “The Republic of Transit”, and it is an made-up, fake, absurd place. The curators will recreate the atmosphere, look and feel of a frontier or border between countries. So the exhibit will explore the vision of artists around the globe regarding the experience of being living out of their native countries. The growing pains, the multiculturalism as a process of understanding the other, the rejection, assimilation, and the sense of plural identities that emanates from those process. A very interesting -and not only Cuban- subject.

For the exhibit, The Republic of Transit, “sent” me an official invitation, and after my “formal” acceptance with the Terms of this very serious game, they sent me a square box with a peep-whole attached to from Spain, and my task was to create an installation to be placed inside. The only condition I ask to The Republic was to invite Edel Rodríguez, a Cuban designer in New York with a different story than mine, which I met in 2007. He was an Art Director at Times magazine when I met him, and I think we became closer thanks to this exhibit in Spain.

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