Cuba/US re evolution

February 9, 2009

This is one of my themes. I’m very intrigued about the future of Cuba and United States relationship. I will always remembered the words of a very close relative who was driving me trough Saint Louis the day after we came from South America” “Look -she said- look the grandiosity of this country, pay attention to its scale and think for a minute against what kind of thing Cuba has being opposed to”. Well… it has being a very long minute. I’ve thinking about that matter almost every day of my life since then…

I definitely think we are the generation of the transition. Cuban situation is just unsustainable. There is a lot of values that will prevail from the influence of the Revolution in people’s life. The creativity, the culture of resistance, the national pride, the generations of super well educated people. I’ve being developing a page in Facebook -named Cubacartel- to connect Cuban designers around the globe in and out of the island. And start to talk about the things our generation wants to talk about.

I keep in touch with my friend Pepe Menendez in Havana -the director of Casa de las Americas’ Design Department. He has invited me to participate in several poster shows in Cuba. One of them, named “Proyecto Y. Integration and resistance in the global era” was a sort of guerrilla exhibit he curated to be shown in the walls of a very crowded street during the X Biennial  of Contemporary Art in Havana. This was my very first idea, but it wasn’t well received. My intention was to portrait the American and Cuban flags as two dialog globes -like the ones in the comics- but nobody got it. I might return to this poster at some point. It would be interesting to put this two flags to talk.


2 Responses to “Cuba/US re evolution”

  1. William Bacon Says:

    thank you very much for this Idea…
    I searched for ReEvolution on googel and got this…

    I have been conseptulizing an online fantasy role playing game … around ReEvolution of America… though the tools of the constitution.
    and the dates of 2012…

    I have always been a fan of your work… used to collect the posters from Height street gallery… that were mostly your Political and environmental (global) issue stuff…
    I Always LOVED it… and really respected how inexpensive they were… for what they were…
    alas most stolen from me with my own portfolio… (LESSON:Never have a good looking port folio to put originals in!)

    but i wonder if you would be interested in creating any graphical Ideas for this game Idea… ? No expectation… I Know you are no doubt busy… but if it appeals to you… I would feel honored…
    WC Bacon

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