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STL Design Week Poster

September 12, 2012


Early this year I started working with the board of STL Design Week (Sept 24-30). It has been super fun hanging out at DK studio as the rest of the committee goes through the madness of coordinating a whole week of events this September.

There was a couple of challenges for this poster. Basically because is an “event of events”, each of them with their own theme, crowd, approach. So, I decided to come up with a character announcing what was coming up, rather than an specific abstract metaphor (which was a really hard thing to do for such an abstract concept as Design). The whole point of a week of Design related events is to inspire and engage our creative community, while reaching out the “design enthusiasts”. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to represent the city of St. Louis somehow, but I needed something bold for the graphic punch.

I started thinking in the landscape of a city, and drew some wind vanes coming out of the roofs. Each wind vane would represent each event; and a big colorful one will carry on the composition, leaving some room for the arch to show up a little bit. Wind vanes comes in all sort of shapes, so it wouldn’t be difficult to illustrate little icons according to the nature of each event.

Wind vanes indicates direction. When the wind blows, all the wind vanes in a City are aligned pointing out in the same direction. I liked that idea of different entities “aligned” towards a common purpose.  I started to think in Design as a way to “align” things. Then the wind vane rooster came up as an universal icon for excitement,  brand new days, energy,  awakening… A colorful wake up call that makes you smile


Havana. Poster, book & cigar

November 22, 2011

© Havana.Carlos Zamora Design & Illustration

Green Ways to Wellness Campaign

October 10, 2011

© Carlos Zamora

© Carlos Zamora

© Carlos Zamora

© Carlos Zamora

Green Ways to Wellness is a Great Rivers Gateway’ initiative to promote healthy choices an encourage people to use the system of trails in St. Louis.  You can see the posters at the BJC campus, Metro Stations and bus shelters. Have fun with them.

Lafayette Square Summer Poster

July 10, 2011

Summer Poster

People make places. Welcoming characters depicting the warm hearted essence of this neighborhood are the central theme of the Lafayette Square Poster Series. The wit, quirkiness, and slightly strange nature of its inhabitants are captured in this 18 x 24 poster inviting you to come and play.

Summer in here has a whimsical melody. Free concerts and movies orchestrated by the Arts Council of Lafayette Square make of the Park the perfect destination in Saint Louis. This poster celebrates the golden days of summer in Lafayette Square. Come over next Saturday and do not forget your dancing shoes.

Nuevos Hispanismos

July 3, 2011

Here are three more covers for the Nuevos Hispanismos Collection.

South By Midwest 2011

February 23, 2011

In the last few years the world of affect has been recognized as one of the most intriguing and productive fields of inquiry across disciplinary borders and cognitive domains. Affect is considered a key concept for the understanding of new forms of hegemony within the framework of late capitalism as well as a threat to national and global social orders. The III South by Midwest International Conference on Latin American Cultural Studies has been planned as an interdisciplinary exploration of the role that emotions, feelings, and passions play in the formation of collective identities and in the development of social conflict. The conference will focus on the affective articulation of ethic, aesthetic, and political issues and on the symbolic strategies utilized to express and represent affect in Latin American contemporary culture.

Holiday Parlor Tour 2010

December 20, 2010

2010 Lafayette Square Spring Tour

April 28, 2010