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St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

June 28, 2012


Sticker for AIGA Leadership Retreat

April 12, 2012

Sticker for AIGA Leadership Retreat

I’ve had this idea for years now, of having a STL Happy Face mark with the Arch up side down. The opportunity came for this year AIGA Leadership Retreat in Salt Lake City. For the opening reception, AIGA is partnering with MOO to ask chapters to design a sticker to represent themselves and share with other attendees. Each attendee will receive a sticker book with 90 stickers of the same design. During the icebreaker event, each individual will also receive a card with criteria in which to find specific chapters and obtain their stickers. Fun stuff…

The Tempest Ball 2012

February 15, 2012

The Tempest Ball 2012

Here is the poster for the The Tempest Ball 2012, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis Fund raising event. Here is part of the press release:

Gather and mingle with mortals and dreamers for an evening of dinner, drinks, and artful presentations. The festivities take place on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at The Pageant located in the Delmar Loop.

William Shakespeare created over 2,000 everyday words such as bedroom, gossip, lustrous, rant, hot-blooded, and cold-hearted. For one special night, his words will come alive and shape an evening of whimsy and infinite possibility. Pay tribute to the Bard while immersing yourself in the wondrous banter, intoxicating lyrics, and limber locutions.

Over the past eleven years, SFSTL has brought more than 500,000 people together in Forest Park to experience the magic and majesty of Shakespeare’s works. The year-round education programs have served over 200,000 students in the bi-state region.

Green Ways to Wellness Campaign

October 10, 2011

© Carlos Zamora

© Carlos Zamora

© Carlos Zamora

© Carlos Zamora

Green Ways to Wellness is a Great Rivers Gateway’ initiative to promote healthy choices an encourage people to use the system of trails in St. Louis.  You can see the posters at the BJC campus, Metro Stations and bus shelters. Have fun with them.

Summer Poster Release at Rue Lafayette

July 9, 2011